Overview - Expert/Admin

Getting Started Overview for Experts & Admins

This App is a robust and dynamic tool that can help you with one of the hardest part of many jobs - understanding and working with people. This App can be set up to be just right for how you need to operate your organization and what you need to tell your people.

There are 5 basic things you are going to do with our system, but HOW you do them has a multitude of permutations and only you can decide which is best.

1. Set Up Your Organization

This is easy. If you’re reading this, we have likely already set up your organization for you. You’re done. If not, contact us and we'll get you started.

If you happen to be someone who works with more than one large organization, then contact us and we can see if we need to set up another separate organization for you.

2. Add Groups

Think of the people you would have in your organization and figure out how you want to segment them. Create Groups to meet the needs or goals of that set of people. Not to worry, as you can edit and add more groups as you go also.

Groups are your primary method of inviting people to your organization inside this application.

3. Select Wizard and Reports for Groups

Wizards & Assessments gather data about people. Reports turn the data into a report about each person around a selected group of subjects. You can use our comprehensive default report, or you can customize your own reports by putting together your desired report sections.

Within each group you create (such as “Class of 2021” or “managers”), you will set up, which Wizard or Assessment that group takes and which Reports they get (“Career Guidance” and “Individual Report”). A report may have multiple sections covering a wide variety of subjects applicable to that group.

For example, Shawn takes a Wizard and we learn his personality type is INTJ. As a high performing manager, we may want to customize a report for him that includes how his INTJ type can cope with stress and relate to others as a manager.

Within Groups, you can also generate reports on GROUP dynamics, strengths, and challenges.

4. Send Out Links for People to Use the System

Remember above how Groups is the primary way you add people to your Organization?

Once you've got a Wizard or Assessment set up and attached to a group, you copy and email a link to people to register for the application and then take the wizard or assessment.

5. Work with the Generated Information and your People

After people take the Wizard or Assessment, there is a multitude of ways that you can work with the information.

  • You can read the information and use it for smoother interactions with them.
  • You can allow them access to their information, so that they can understand themselves and how to relate to others better.
  • You can withhold the information until they have a meeting with you to discuss all or part of their report.
  • You can have a workshop to look at reports or discuss group reports together.

Think of this app as a tool box, and how you use those tools is up to you.