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Gene Bellotti

Gene Bellotti

Gene Bellotti has an MBA from Babson in Management and Organizational Behavior and an Ed.M from Harvard with a concentration in Counseling and Consulting Psychology.

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Both Sterling and Gene have done many presentations at professional conferences regarding their work. Examples of their work include:


Step Research integrates the power of technology and behavioral science (including psychology, sociology, neuroscience, anthropology, personality, economics, political science, customer research and communication studies) into people’s everyday lives in ways that help them understand themselves and others, enhance communication and interaction, take proactive and positive action with others, encourage self-development and personal progress, and preserve a unique behavioral identify and privacy. 

Step Research will foster and develop a variety of research and development opportunities to enhance the scientific fields and create products relating to the above; donate and provide additional free or at cost services to educational groups, institutions and individuals.

Step Research Corporation

Step Research Corporation

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Experience and skills at the intersection of marketing and behavior. Gene Bellotti is a hands-on marketer with over 30 years of experience developing and executing marketing campaigns to launch emerging businesses and their products, many of those spent as a creative partner in his own advertising agency.  His specialty is marketing strategy and communications for startup companies, helping them grow from zero to $80 million in sales, which he has done many times. He excels at strategically sound marketing communications that propel businesses to the next level: new markets, product line extensions, online presence, acquisition, or IPO. Gene has worked with over 60 high technology companies and has broad experience in other markets including financial services and medical technologies. 

Creative and organized, Gene has developed demand generation programs that opened new markets and has conceived, named and launched products by developing advertising concepts, direct mail, videos, inbound marketing websites, and online ads.

An entrepreneur for most of his career, he is a founding partner at Step Research Corp., developing new ways to introduce behavior patterns and differences to people online.

Gene initially started his pursuit of identifying and understanding behavior patterns to improve marketing response.  He soon realized that mentioning personality and psychology tools in meetings with start-up CEOs and presidents led to an immediate dismissal of the concept and its application to their business.

That begged the question: in a marketing ecosphere that proliferates in customer behavior pattern analysis, click-tracking, all manner on on-line analytics, and now big data, why was the most basic, innate behavior research on psychological type, which would be the ultimate guide for one-to-one marketing messages, routinely dismissed by these business executives? It was because these executives had been exposed to psychological type in a way that made it difficult to understand and to apply to business issues.

Gene set about to introduce more people to the fact that normal behavior patterns exist, they can be easily identified if you ask the right questions, there are many ways to understand different aspects of behavior, and that this knowledge helps each person understand their own behavior patterns, which makes them realize that not everyone gathers information and makes decisions the same way.  And it is extraordinarily important when dealing with customers.

Gene incorporates his educational background in organizational behavior and psychology into his pursuit of helping others identify and understanding behavior patterns. He has an MBA from Babson in Management and Organizational Behavior and an Ed.M from Harvard with a concentration in Counseling and Consulting Psychology.

“I believe that each customer should be treated as an individual and that each person’s specific set of natural decision-making behaviors can be identified. Once that is part of your marketing process, you’ll have a guide for business messages and strategies that are more likely to influence the customer and improve response. The most important part of CRM is the CR.” 

Gene is serving as Director of Marketing and Membership Growth on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Psychological Type, a global organization of MBTI consultants, coaches and leadership trainers.